Pleasant is founded in 2012 in Copenhagen by Rasmus Boesen and Marc Berliner. We met each other in preschool in our lazy provincial hometown. 20 years later we teamed up with a mutual passion for surf and travel, and professional ambition for design and clothing.

Living away from waves, we felt entitled to tell stories about surfing and patience. We called it make waiting pleasant, and anchored our brand around that philosophy.
Summer of 2014 was a big one for us. Loaded with dreams and motivation the opportunity to open a store in Copenhagen landed on our feet. Catching that opportunity gave us the time and freedom to scale Pleasant to a more serious level. It has been an enjoyable and eventful ride.

Thank you, Copenhagen.
The more time we spent around our store, the less time we spent surfing. Luckily we’ve always valued a dynamic balance between work and leisure. Nobody wanna wait in vain. So each year, after the summer rush, we free ourselves and travel. The world is great and full of treasures. A personal recommendation is definitely the Philippines. We we run our main productions here. It’s a country rich in good people, fresh fruits, sunshine and waves.

A little teaser - we’re hopefully opening our second store on our favourite Philippine island within the next year.
Today we distribute Pleasant to retailers internationally, our store looks better than ever and our online shop serves anywhere. As for the future, we are currently working on a few things.

By summer 2021 we want to practice an honest and radical sustainable profile. All woven fabrics has to be upcycled from already existing textiles. We’ve already been pilot testing shirts made from second hand bed linen for years, and they’re killing it. We also want to be more timeless. Literally timeless in terms of seasons, but also the aesthetic and communication involved in our clothes.