Hi Anne-Sophie, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, Iím Anne-Sophie, a caribbean girl from an island called Guadeloupe. Iím a bikini addict and a shell lover. I love to surf and make flower crowns. Iím currently in Paris, but I love to travel and I try to go on adventure as often as possible.

For me paradise looks like the white sand beach with crystal water of Anse ŗ la Gourde in Saint-franÁois

So you did a pleasant editorial. what are your thoughts behind it?

It was very fun to do an editorial for pleasant. That was the first time that i had to shoot for a clothing brand and it was so cool to include these clothes in our lifestyle pictures.

I love to search for flowers for my flower crowns and find new spots to shoot. It's an essential part of my photographies to discover new wild places and landscapes. I really like that.

I would like more tolerance in the world. We have to learn to accept the beliefs of others and especially religious beliefs. I think we would have a more peaceful world.

I could survive for a few weeks without internet during an island getaway with my love. I think it would depend on the place where I go and the people who accompany me.

if a swimsuit can be considered a piece of clothing, it would be definitely a bikini. I also love vintage high waisted shorts.

Love is the meaning of life. I donít say that you need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to live your life to the fullest. Share love with your family and your friends, and try to be gentle to yourself and others. Thanks Anne-Sophie!