Hi Marck, tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm Marck, I've been taking pictures for over 2 years now. To begin with it was something I did for my family when travelling, but now it has become my studies. I grew up in the middle east and went to very strict english schools, so all this freedom and creativity is still very new to me.

I would name this editorial black sands, because of the beaches and Bonobos fourth album, the only music I had with me for this trip.

So you did a Pleasant editorial. What are your thoughts behind it?

I think this editorial might say a bit more about me than I usually care to disclose, I had been planning a trip and/or get away to Iceland for a while, but the decision was spontaneous. I suppose the thoughts are more about a journey than anything else, cliché I know, but that is really how it came about, I had made plans to meet up with some surfers, but because of bad planning it never happened.

paradise is anywhere i feel home

What does ”Make waiting pleasant” mean to you?

I've always travelled, and travelled alone, lots actually, so seeing the little things; making waiting pleasant.

As a photographer, what's your dream task?

To travel; great experiences and a little payment then i'm happy.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?

These days there are lots of things that need to change, and we all know that, so in light of that, I won't bring up anything political. If I could change one thing about the world, I'd want for us to magically have space exploration methods in place tomorrow.

How long could you survive without Internet?

Quite a while, I've always been a bit of a hermit. I think my friends would start to get annoyed at me for being unreachable, before I would start to miss it.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?

I don't really. I a have a thing for coats, but that only applies for half of the year (or 8months if you live in denmark), although you'd never see me outside without something on my head, usually a cap.

What's the meaning of life?

Learning, in my opinion, learning something new, or getting better at something you've been doing is the best way to move forward, because really, everything is a lesson - life is a lesson.