Hi Kevin, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hoi, Iím Kevin Cathers.
I am a Canadian photographer living in Zurich Switzerland. I have been living in Switzerland for 5 years now. Iím into snowboarding, surfing, and enjoy most of my time outdoors. Iím an easy going kinda guy that enjoys traveling, hot sauce, my wife, and a witty sense of humour.

So you did a pleasant editorial. what are your thoughts behind it?

Unfortunately it did not go as planned. The idea was to do the editorial while I was in Sumba, Indonesia.
When I arrived back from my surf trip, I did the editorial in Zurich. The shootings were fun and it was something different than what I had originally planned. I knew the looks I wanted to shoot and I added a side of pineapple to them. Big thanks to Cyrill Gebert & Nicki Antognini for your time and good looks.

What does Ēmake waiting pleasantĒ mean to you?

Chilling hard!!
There are many times I find myself having to wait, but in these moments itís nice to have time to think, be creative, and put your ideas in motion. But that said, any excuse for a quick nap is always a good excuse.

What does paradise look like to you?

For me it is anywhere in the mountains or by the ocean. Itís so easy for me to stare out at them. Those landscape/seascapes are constantly changing and I find that so fascinating and peaceful.

As a photographer, whatĎs your dream task?

For me its continuing to find creativity and being relevant. Without those two things, you are just forgotten and you wonít have any dream tasks. I am happy with how things have turned out so far, but there is still lots more to discover and learn as a photographer.

WhatĎs the meaning of life?

Life is about keeping a smile on your face, if you arenít smiling, you are doing it wrong.

Thanks a lot Kevin! Keep up the pleasant work and stay stoked.