hi Lois Louie Club tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! Im Lois, 20 years old and from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I'm still in school, studying Allround Styling at Academie Artemis and besides that i work as a freelance photographer.

so you did a pleasant editorial. what are your thoughts behind it?

From my point of view Pleasant is a very free, laid-back summer inspired brand. It has an awesome surf-vibe over it and i wanted to take a different turn on that perspective so i went out to the industrial side of Amsterdam. Just me and my friend shooting some rolls of film while driving around in this raw but serene surrounding.

if you should name your pleasant editorial, what would you call it?

Who that boy

what does ”make waiting pleasant” mean to you?

In my eyes it stands for a mix of Summer, City & Surf

as a photographer, what's your dream task?

Working with Kali Uchis. I love her vibe.

if you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?

The hole in our ozone layer.

how long could you survive without internet?

Forever. (if i had another job, instagram saves my life)

do you have a favourite piece of clothing?

It's not really a piece of clothing but more of an accessory. I would say my "baret", i wear that hat almost every day. And is it has to be a piece of clothing, i thing a white vintage velvet slip dress. Kind of looks like a wedding dress, but its an awesome piece for the summer.

what's the meaning of life?

I don't think i can awnser that, because i don't really think there is one!
Thanks a lot Lois Louie Club! If you wish to see more from Lois check out her photos on her instagram here