Hi Sven, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi people! My name is Sven Flier and I am a 22 year old travel- and lifestyle photographer from the Netherlands. Beside from that, I am studying for a double masters in Law. Growing up, Iíve always been surrounded by a lot of nature. Either in our garden, at my grandparents place or during our holidays abroad. During my teenage years I lost interest in photography as I started to experience strong anxiety attacks. Iíve been batteling with anxiety ever since, and I am finally on my way back now. Just like Pleasant, I had to wait. However, when I do catch some good waves and/or vibes - I think itís the best feeling ever. Once youíve been truly down, coming up feels so much more empowering.

So you did a pleasant editorial. what are your thoughts behind it?

When I was around 3 years old, we visited the Dutch island of Texel for the first time. Itís one of the more rural areas of the Netherlands. Texel became a part of my come back, and in some ways, a second home to me. Later my parents also decided to buy a cabin at the Dutch west coast just a few minutes from the ocean and neighboring a beautiful nature reserve. Today, my life has changed a lot. I live on my own, study in Groningen and Iím apparently becoming an adult (haha). However the weekends Iíve spent with my family at the beach brings back so many memories. The cabin really became a place where every single family member have been able to relax and come to terms with everything that has happened over the past years. With this editorial I want to display this feeling of freedom, happiness and relaxation. The smell of fresh air, the feeling of touching the sand and the sound of waves rolling in.

If you should name your pleasant editorial, what would you call it?

Days get brighter

What does Ēmake waiting pleasantĒ mean to you?

It means staying patient and hopeful. Sometimes life really manages to knock you down, and yes it sucks. Nevertheless, patience is so important for things to organically grow and become what they need to be. The only thing you can do is to just work hard and invest maximum effort to make this growth last. Waiting does not mean sitting still and waiting; it means showing patience, while in the meantime making time count. Prepare, work, learn and develop. Never feel too comfortable where you are, always keep moving forwards.

As a photographer, what's your dream task?

I would love to combine my love for photography and everything visual with the knowledge Iíve gathered during my studies and all the things yet to be learned. In my studies I encounter a lot of horrible things. Acts of which it is hard to realize that they actually happened. This super technical law stuff wonít interest the mainstream public, but the people involved are incredibly important. I would love to translate and raise awareness about the international criminal law conflicts to the public by my photography.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?

I would hope for people to be patient with each other and to start listen. It is something that is difficult for every single one of us. It is such a shame that human kind fail to listen. Opinions will differ and so will culture, language and religion. I hope people would listen more and accept differences. Yes, you think different than I do, but that is ok.

How long could you survive without internet?

Depends. If you fly me to New Zealand or Norway, I guess pretty long. Itís nice to have though. Google maps has saved my ass countless times from getting completely lost.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?

Not really, but if I had to pick something, it would be hats. I have a lot of them, and I like crazy colors and designs. I am actually wearing the Pleasant hat at the very moment of this interview.

What's the meaning of life?

I think everyone should find their own. I just hope to live more and think less. Not overthinking stuff is my key to success. Wherever life takes me, you will find me with a smile :)