Hi Camille, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Iím Camille, a french born photographer. 7 years ago I moved to Shanghai, to finish my master in graphic design. I then worked two years in an advertising company as photographer & filmmaker. After 4 years in such a big city, I choose to leave for a beautiful and small island in the Phillipines; where Iím doing most of my time freelance projects about surfing. I find my inspirations in women, colors and nature.

So you did a pleasant editorial. what are your thoughts behind it?

I wanted to do something "raw", representing as much as possible the daily life of the locals. I didnít want to use professional models, but more people living the island life.

If you should name your pleasant editorial, what would you call it?

"why not coconut?"

What does Ēmake waiting pleasantĒ mean to you?

"Make waiting pleasant" is a philosophy most of us should adopt.. for everything in our life. Instead of being frustated, learn to be patient and to live in the present moment surrounded by people and activities that makes you feel good.

As a photographer, what's your dream task?

Doing underwater pictures of orcas in the antartic!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?


How long could you survive without internet?

Since Iím based on a small island, my access to internet is very limited and often very slow Ö so itís a good training for a long period without any internet.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?


What's the meaning of life?

Being inspired and inspiring

Thanks a lot Camille. Keep on doing what you love :)