Tides is a hybrid between a Music Video for the Australian artist Steve Cousins and a Fashion Film for the Danish brand Pleasant. Its main theme is love across borders. On the 15th of January everyone is welcome to come by Huset-KBH and experience the film for the very first time. We had a chat with the director behind the film Sofie and the still photographer Mads, that during the production shot some beautiful stills on film.

Hi Sofie, tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I’m 24 and from Lolland Falster, but have lived in Aarhus, Melbourne and Copenhagen these past three years while studying filmmaking at a school called Multiplatform Storytelling and Production(MSP) - Which I’m graduating from this January!

So, what is “Tides”? 

Tides is my bachelor project from MSP, that I directed on set and created together with my partners in crime Isabella Rulffs and Anne-Sofie Karmark Pedersen. It’s a music video about falling in love across borders to the Australian artist Steve Cousins, but it has a bunch of collaborative partnerships back home here in Denmark. We’re having a launch event in Huset-KBH on the 15th of January and everyone is welcome to swing by, have a beer and watch the music video in a fun and maybe little different kind of way.

How did it all start?

After being on exchange in Australia, I realised how many people had hidden stories about falling in love across borders and culture. Stories that were filled with adventure and love, but also sadness and distance. I thought there were something truly beautiful about these stories and that’s why we made Tides.

How did you come up with adding Pleasant to the project?

With a song called “Tides” and an artist who uses just as much time on his surfboard, as he does in the studio, it wasn’t hard to make a parallel to Pleasant. Also, Pleasant’s clothing fitted right into our color palette and the vision we had for the music video.

What’s next?

First and foremost, graduation in January and celebrating that we’re done. After that I’m pretty open to what the future might bring. I’m currently writing on some fiction web series, which would be really awesome to take off the paper and onto the screen at some point.
Photographer Mads Hauerslev took stills during the production.

Hi Mads, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a 21-year-old filmmaker. With the help of a small team of people, I produce video content for both local and international brands out of my production company in southern Denmark. I love documenting stuff through photography and ended up getting in on this project to shoot the stills.

How was is to be a part of Tides?

It was a pleasure to be part of the Tides team, and perfect to have the whole production take place where I’ve grown up and now run my own operation.

Why did you decide to stay?

This summer we wanted to set a caravan on fire, for an ad we were producing, so we talked to some nearby people and had the shoot set up before the end of the day on a location 5 kilometers from our city. The freedom of having space for stuff like that in “our backyard” is pretty great!

What are your thoughts behind your photos from Tides?

The team behind the project had a clear vision of how they wanted to portray the beautiful universe they had built, so I wanted to make the photos create the same feeling. We decided to shoot everything on medium format cameras with Kodak film, which I’ve always found to have a very similar feel to the Arri cameras the video was shot on, and this makes the photos and video feel kind of visually connected.

As a photographer, what's your dream task?

Nothing really, right now I’m just trying to make stuff I’d wanna watch. 


Cast: Aksel True Klüver & Nadia Avoghlian Kristensen
Director & Script: Sofie Madsen
Creative Producer: Anne-Sofie Karmark Pedersen
Edit & Script: Isabella Rulffs
Director of Photography: Lasse Mølsted
Gaffer: Mads Frølich
Sound Design: Emil Øllgaard Vilhelmsen
Colorgrade: Jonas Bech
Focus Puller & Stills: Mads Hauerslev
Runner: Keiria Hissabu