A pleasant time with Vild Is

A pleasant time with Vild Is

We are Pleasant, and we are on a mission to produce clothing in the most responsible way according to our beliefs. We have relocated our office to the landscape of Thy, embraced by nature's inspiration and a new work-life balance. After running a conventional clothing business for 15 years, it's time to soar higher and redefine our core business and work-life balance. In our new series 'A Pleasant Time With...,' we will meet like-minded people, seeking inspiration from their business practices and life philosophies.

In the first episode, we met up with the best ice cream makers from Vild.Is for an inspiring encounter. Read more below.

  • Hello, Vild Is. Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us about Vild Is?

    We are Rasmus Thøgersen and Alexander Bengtsen, the founders of Vild Is.

    Vild Is represents our delicoius soda ice cream, crafted with organic ingredients, simple and transparent recipes, and a vision for a slightly wilder world. Each batch is handcrafted, with a delightful blend of flavors, locally sourced from our very own organic berries in Sønderhå, Thy.
  • What inspired the creation of Vild Is?

    Vild Is emerged from our desire to participate in the green transformation, with a specific focus on using local organic ingredients in Thy. As fate would have it, this journey led us to create soda ice cream, driven by our love for it and the pure joy it brings.
  • Do you actively consider nature and climate impact, both in your projects and in your personal lives?

    Our personal interests and values are undeniably woven into the fabric of Vild Is. As mentioned earlier, we were determined to play a role in the green transformation, recognizing the immense challenges that lie ahead for all of us. Vild Is represents our attempt to promote sustainable food production, with a focus on supporting local and organic farming.
  • Are you mindful of your consumption habits, both in terms of what you buy and what you dispose of?

    Yes, absolutely. Our society tends to over-consume, especially in our part of the world. At Vild Is, we strongly believe in consuming less, but choosing better. That's precisely the philosophy behind our brand. While the price of organic products may be slightly higher, it allows us to enjoy a little less ice cream, but of superior quality (and yes, we firmly believe that our ice cream is simply better than other good soda ice creams!)
  • Why did you choose Thy as the location to establish Vild Is, and how does your work-life balance reflect your decision?

    We came to Thy primarily for surfing, but also for its wild and diverse nature. Both of us grew up in Copenhagen, once embracing the vibrant big city life. However, over time, our values shifted, and thoughts of tranquility, access to nature and the sea, smaller communities, and an active outdoor lifestyle filled our minds. Thy has a rich history of organic farming, which we embraced. The fact that we happen to make soda ice cream (and now soda too) in Thy is simply because we find it really nice here!
  • Considering the climate crisis, what do you believe is the most crucial change needed to positively impact the environment?

    Get informed about the seriousness of the situation and do something about it! As an individual, you don't have to do everything or change your entire life. Adopt some good, healthy, and green habits and contribute to the climate issue in any way you can.

    If we all make an effort, we will certainly head towards a brighter (and greener) future! 💚
  • Do you pay attention to your clothing consumption, its origin, and ethical production practices?

    New clothes rarely find a place in our wardrobe. Instead, we cherish items handed down from friends and family, thrift store treasures, and of course, beloved pieces from brands like Pleasant (who, by the way, are our absolute favorite brand!)
  • Thank you so much, guys! What a pleasant and inspiring day, filled with the most tasty products. Wishing you all the best of luck on your further journey