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Thank you for joining our print event

Thank you for joining our print event

Greetings to everyone who joined our print event on 29.04.2023. It was a truly enjoyable day, and we deeply appreciate how many of you who brought used clothes with you. 

If you did not already read the thoughts behind the print, you can do so right here:


What is a print event?

Illustrations and prints have always been a part of Pleasant's identity. We host in-store print events, where we release a print our guests can have printed on their own clothes. It’s a way to spark new life and appreciation into used clothes. It is also a way for us to sell prints on clothes without requiring virgin textile. We team up with local talent Ice Screen Printing for these events.

Thanks to Nørrebro Bryghus for tasty beer and Jarritos for super good soda.

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