Production goals

“For us, the best products in the world have an impact on the environment that is as minimal as possible. They must be made with longevity in mind and incorporate a timeless design.”

The most important principle of our production is to avoid using virgin textile. We made that decision in early 2022, and by now we’re operating Pleasant after that principle by nearly 100%. However, that is not our only goal in regard to our production.


1. To produce clothes without the use of virgin textile

This is a target we are fully in the process of working to achieve, and we’re almost 100% there. For our woven products such as shirts, shorts, jackets, caps etc we upcycle. We also have an underlying goal of using recycled buttons made of ocean plastic in 100% of our products. At the moment that number is at 10%.

In regards to t-shirts and sweatshirts we have another approach to avoid virgin textile. We have recently consumed all our As for now, weve consumed all our own dead stock textile making blanks. While still on stock, well use them to sell t-shirts and sweat shirts at our live printing events. In the meantime we will be working on developing new ways of producing Pleasant t-shirts and sweatshirts without the use of virgin textile in the future. We have some good ideas and are looking forward to taking you with us on our journey.

2. No use of air transport

The fact that we have jumped ship from the seasonal collection race means that we are in many ways closer to our goal. Production and delivery is no longer a race against time and the use of air transport is therefore not as much of a necessity. It also means that we do not have to make use of sales collections and the need for samples has become very limited.

“We strive to entirely avoid the use of air transport but on extremely rare occasions it can still happen.”

3. Single-use article free production

“We would like to use as little packaging as possible. Packaging can be made as environmentally friendly as possible but leaving it out entirely would be an even better solution.”

Today our production is already free of the use of hang tags. We will include hang tags in our products for our retailers upon their wish.

In regards to plastic bags and cardboard boxes, our next shipment will be free of such. Instead, our products will be stacked and wrapped in reusable fabric bags and shipped in reusable plastic boxes.

4. Clothes for every body

“The future of fashion is gender neutral and we would like to do our best to accommodate diversity through our products. ”

We would like to create products which can be worn by all genders and body types. That is also the reason why our sizes go from S-XXL. All our products are gender neutral and can be styled in many ways. There will also be different variants of upcycled shirts for example and we strive to do our best to offer a sustainable assortment of clothes that suit everybody.