Pleasant upcycled

“There is so unbelievably much textile in our world already. The solutions to some of the challenges of the clothing industry lie here.”

Our upcycled clothes are made from existing products that have already been through one or many life cycles. The upcycled textiles do not require any post treatment and can be used directly for the production of clothes. We carefully select our fabrics so each piece remains unique, is comfortable and does not shrink during washing.

Collaboration with Kirkens Korshær

Together with the Kirkens Korshær we work on a constant search for used textiles such as bed linen, curtains, and tablecloths. It is a partnership that has given us a deeper insight into the world of recycling and in turn inspired us to no longer produce clothes from new fabrics. There is simply too much already.

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From Denmark to The Streets of Manila

Fabrics are collected in Denmark and shipped to our suppliers overseas. The biggest production we have are our shirts which are made in the Philippines. It may sound illogical, but in terms of leaving a carbon footprint, the effect of not producing new textiles is in fact the most environmentally friendly solution even though it involves the transportation of textiles overseas and back again as finished products.

Scraps from production

An excess of material is almost impossible to avoid in any production process. As a part of our working process this excess fabric is collected and reworked into smaller products such as children's shirts or scrunchies . It is therefore also very possible to find matching shirts for you and your kids.

Next step

Right now we are working on how to continue selling branded t-shirts and sweatshirts without using new textiles. One idea moving forward is to host print events where guests bring their own used clothing to get a new Pleasant print put on. It is a great way to extend the life cycle of an existing product, sell a cool print with a valuable statement and stimulate the need for renewing ourselves.