“We will do our best to achieve our vision of making the best webshop in the world for upcycled products.”

It is also a very fitting way of becoming accessible to people who are not able to visit our physical shops or retailers. To limit the use of air transport we limit our shipping options to Europe only.

Shipping within Europe

We offer shipping to all countries in Europe but have avoided scaling our scope even further. When we do sell to countries outside of Europe, we prefer to do it through retailers and as such we can send larger packages and avoid too much air transport.

If your are located outside of EU you can see a list of our retailers here.

Store locator


On freight packaging, we work with Re Zip. They run a business that offers freight packaging as a circular recycling concept. Compared to conventional cardboard boxes, ReZip reduces CO2 emissions by 88%, reduces the water footprint by 89% and uses 93% less wood.