Pleasant stories

Story after story, we’ll tell about our brand, share our thoughts and become wiser on how to change the world with style. If you think that sounds cheesy, just wait until you watch the stories.

Produced by Jacob Lerche Nygaard and Thomas Rosendal Jakobsen

Chapter 3 “Time for change”

Honestly we never really fit into the world of fashion. As the true environmental impact of fashion slowly revealed it’s scale, we slowly stopped feeling good about our work. It felt right to take a break to figure out how to change, and bring back the joy.

Chapter 2 “Joining the rat race”

In 2014 with great and undeserved luck, we opened a Pleasant store on Stefansgade in Copenhagen. From this cozy and tiny spot, we naively steered the ship straight into the rat race of the clothing industry.

Chapter 1 “How it all started”

In 2008 two rookies went to the Philippines to produce t-shirts. While waiting for them to finish, we awkwardly tried to mirror the local surfers of a little tropical island. The lifestyle and attitude of this contrasting culture have slowly shaped the values of our brand.