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Elephant in the Room screen print

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Print 03

The elephant in the room

The advantages if we all ate less meat are enormous. The impacts can change the world. As of now they remain as the elephant in the room in political debates as well as at our dinner table. This print motivates talking about it.

- Size A3 (297 x 420 mm).
- Edition of 30. Signed and numbered.
- Hand printed by @icescreenprinting.

Get a Pleasant print on your used clothes

Illustration and prints have always been a significant part of Pleasant's identity, and we would like to maintain that. That’s why we arrange print events in our store. Here we release a new print, which can be printed on used clothing. It's a way to revive old products and thereby extend their lifespan. It's also a way to produce prints on clothing without using new textiles. Come along and be a part of the journey.

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