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Pleasant stories

  • Low emission luxury

    Low emission luxury

    Få et print på dit brugte tøj. Print 05 "Low emission luxury"24.11.2023 1PM - 8PM @ Pleasant Nørrebro. Black friday 2023 afholder vi print event i Pleasant Nørrebro. På denne dag...

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  • A pleasant time with Anton

    A pleasant time with Anton

    We are Pleasant, and we want to cultivate change. A structural change that respects nature and pleases people, and a cultural change that inspires us to live better and happier. With this in...

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  • Change culture not climate

    Change culture not climate

    Get a print on your used clothes. Print 04 “Change culture not climate”. 09.09.2023 1PM - 8PM @ Pleasant Nørrebro. Illustration and prints have always been a significant part of...

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  • A pleasant time with Vild Is

    A pleasant time with Vild Is

    We are Pleasant, and we are on a mission to produce clothing in the most responsible way according to our beliefs. We have relocated our office to the landscape of...

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  • The Elephant in the Room

    The Elephant in the Room

    Pleasant print event. Come and get a print on your used clothes.29.04.2023 1PM - 8PM @ Pleasant Nørrebro Climate consciousness is spreading in Denmark. Many of our habits and daily...

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  • Time for change

    Time for change

    Honestly we never really fit into the world of fashion. As the true environmental impact of fashion slowly revealed it’s scale, we slowly stopped feeling good about our work. It...

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  • Joining the rat race

    Joining the rat race

    In 2014 with great and undeserved luck, we opened a Pleasant store on Stefansgade in Copenhagen. From this cozy and tiny spot, we naively steered the ship straight into the...

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  • Team Earth

    Team Earth

    "Team Earth" is about uniting the world with the mutual goal of reviving our planet and caring for its habitants. Released: 25.11.22

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  • How it all started

    How it all started

    In 2008 two rookies went to the Philippines to produce t-shirts. While waiting for them to finish, we awkwardly tried to mirror the local surfers of a little tropical island....

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  • Has the world gone bananas

    Has the world gone bananas

    "Has the world gone bananas? Peace and climate justice please". The print is based on feelings of frustration that war is still a part of our modern world, and that focus...

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